Edrex Fontanilla

is a new media artist whose creative practice fuses sculptural and computational methods to explore perception, materiality, and temporality.  He researches how the study of human psychology and cognition can inform approaches in experimental media.    With an orientation towards socially responsible expression, Fontanilla is committed to a reflective teaching practice that enables young minds to develop their voice.

In the last five years, Fontanilla’s scholarly and creative work:

• explored the material characteristics of hybrid digital media, in order to expose the different ontological states of digital art and emerging communication forms (e.g., the Mutable Sculpture series, the Seær series).

• investigated the affordances of immersive media towards affecting positive and social change (e.g., the Empathy for Place series, the Empathy for People series).





          Chance Ecologies forthcoming site intervention, talk, VR installation, Queens Museum, Queens, NY

          Erosion, forthcoming solo show, Sierra Arts Gallery, Reno, NV


          Empathy Viewer: Perceptual Fog, interactive sculpture, Cherry Arts, Denver, CO

          Acquaintance[He], Acquaintance[She], inkjet prints, Woven Heritage ( نسيج ثقافي ) International Miniature Printmaking Exhibition, United Arab Emirates

          Tempest, Overlooked v.2, mutable sculpture, Barrett Art Center, Poughkeepsie, NY


          Virtual Reality, Empathy, and Place, site intervention, Chance Ecologies: Newtown Creek, Queens, NY
          Hidden Vistas, VR installation, Queens Museum, Queens, NY


          Writhe, Overlooked v.2, video art, LIC Arts Open, Reis Studios, Queens, NY
          Over the River, VR installation, Radiator Gallery, Queens, NY

          Overlooked v.2, video art, TechFest 2014, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai, India




          "Employing Disability Simulations and Preliminary Virtual Reality Technology to Foster Cognitive and Affective Empathy towards Individuals with Disabilities,"

                    forthcoming book chapter in "Scientific Concepts behind Happiness, Kindness and Empathy in Contemporary Society"


          Chance Ecologies: Artists and Post-Industrial Urban Wilderness, Union Docs, Brooklyn, NY


          Hidden Vistas: Empathy and Place in Virtual Reality Installations
          Chance Ecologies: Queens Symposium, Queens Museum, Queens, NY

         "Empathy for Place," Mediapolis Journal, http://www.mediapolisjournal.com/2016/09/empathy-for-place/


          Sear: A New Media Text Delivery System, 14th Biennial Symposium for Arts and Tech, Connecticut College, New London, CT




          Arrow Five Years Out Art Commission


          Queens Museum Studio in the Park Residency


          Andrew G. Mellon Grant


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